Kerschgens partners with IMB in exciting research project

The Chair and Institute of Structural Concrete (IMB) of RWTH Aachen University is currently investigating how loads are distributed in an isolated foundation if they are not transferred centrically, but away from the center, i.e. eccentrically.

The IMB project is the latest in a series of experimental research projects dealing with, for instance, the effect of shear forces on isolated foundations. However, previous efforts assumed a centric load transfer – something that, for various structural and physical reasons, is the exception rather than the rule in practice.

From their findings, IMB researchers expect to derive a consistent calculation model for eccentrically loaded isolated foundations that accommodates any load position and foundation geometry.

The Kerschgens Rebar Steel and Bending Center in Bitburg manufactured the rebar for the reinforced concrete foundation used in the project to the exact specifications of the IMB and made it available to the institute free of charge. The material itself was donated by Badische Stahlwerke. The rebar was delivered in three shipments, with the last delivery taking place on December 5, 2019.

Kerschgens and RWTH Aachen University have been cooperating for many years in the fields of material science, digitalization and structural engineering. The findings of the latest IMB research project are expected to be published in 2020 – we look forward to learning more.


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