Modern Section Steel Processing Center

New standards in steel processing

After three years of planning and construction, the most advanced Section Steel Processing Center in Europe went into operation in Stolberg in late October 2012. On a surface area of approx. 10,000 square meters, the new center houses equipment for high-precision sawing, drilling, notching, contour marking, abrasive blasting and conservation of steel sections. The Section Steel Processing Center can process up to 25,000 metric tons of steel per year.

The new center is part of a comprehensive investment program. Since 2009 we have continuously invested to improve productivity at all four company sites. Our customers benefit from the new Section Steel Processing Center and many other innovations by faster deliveries, greater stock availability and an extended range of processing services. Electronic job data transmission, for instance, minimizes potential error sources and speeds up order processing, ensuring shorter turnaround times and consistent high quality. 100% Kerschgens.

Facts and figures about the Section Steel Processing Center:


  • 25,000 metric tons/year


  • HE 100 – 1,000 up to 25 m length
  • UNP 100 – 400 up to 25 m length
  • UPE 100 – 400 up to 25 m length
  • IPE 100 – 600 up to 25 m length

Surface area:

  • 10,000 square meters

Equipment / Capacity:

  • Two sawing/drilling machines
  • One drilling / notching machine
  • One abrasive blasting machine
  • One continuous conservation unit for two colors (reddish brown and gray)

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