Kerschgens supports regional charitable institutions

7,500 euros for a good cause

Kerschgens Werkstoffe & Mehr GmbH is supporting three charitable institutions with a generous donation: the Stolberger Tafel e.V. food bank, Tierschutzverein Trier und Umgebung e.V. (an animal welfare organization) and Maria im Tann, a center for child, youth and family services in Aachen.

As he presented the checks at the Kerschgens headquarters in Stolberg, CEO Heinz Herbort explained that after the coronavirus outbreak in the spring, the management and staff decided to cut the company's marketing expenses and instead donate 2,500 euros to each of three charitable institutions in the region. With this decision, the company once again honors its commitment to social and regional responsibility.

1,700 people rely on the food bank

The chairwoman of the Stolberger Tafel e.V. food bank, Gisela Becker-Bonaventura, thanked the company for its generous contribution, saying that the 2,500 euros were very welcome and would be used to help pay for additional coronavirus protection measures on the food bank's premises. She explained that due to the pandemic, rooms and vehicles needed to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. The organization also needs funds to pay for face masks, hand sanitizer and sneeze guards. Part of the donated sum will be used for inspections of the two refrigerated trucks. About 1,700 people in Stolberg rely on the food bank to supplement their food supply.

New rooms and play structures for the intensive-support group home

Denis Thielen, Director of the Maria im Tann center, was also very pleased about the financial support by Kerschgens. The donation will go toward two ambitious projects for which his organization needs external funding: the redesign and renovation of the aging youth room and the purchase of play structures for the large outdoor area. Maria im Tann runs an intensive-support group home in Aachen, where it offers counseling and pedagogic assistance for children, adolescents, young adults and families.

Up to 20,000 euros of veterinary costs per month

As she received the Kerschgens check from Rainer Bohlen, the manager of the Kerschgens site at Bitburg/Trier, Heike Weber, who heads the animal shelter in Trier (Tierschutzverein Trier und Umgebung e.V.), described the huge impact the coronavirus crisis has had on her organization: "Donations have slumped dramatically, while more and more animals are being brought in because their owners are in financial trouble. Contrary to popular belief, our animal shelter is not run by the city of Trier. We rely on donations to keep our operation going. The veterinary costs alone can run up to 20,000 euros a month." In this situation, the donation by Kerschgens can provide a small measure of relief.


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